Our Difference

The Wild Way to Enriching Skin,
Senses, and Spirit.

Humphreys Organic Witch Hazel

Sometimes the best way to nourish your true nature is to simply go wild. Humphreys has been rooted in that way of life for more than 150 years. Our founders followed in the footsteps of the Native Americans who discovered that the strange, slender trees blossoming in the late winter snow had other secrets of their vitality to share.

Wild Crop Certified

We’ve been perfecting the products that can best deliver their natural gifts ever since. That means respecting both the place and practices that mark the cleanest path between the untamed woodlands where our wild crop grows and the toners we create to capture their full potency. Our organic wild-crop certification is proof of the extraordinary steps we take to protect the forests that sustain the witch hazel plants we selectively harvest each year. Unlike farmed plants, these wild-harvested crops must develop the adaptability and resilience to survive, producing witch hazel that many believe possesses exceptional power.

Not Diluted, Nor Polluted

Once harvested, we preserve its natural potency to produce a pure plant extract that’s distilled—not diluted, nor polluted. It’s complemented by a rich range of clean ingredients—including aloe vera, lavender, rose, and more—for a full line of organic and alcohol-free toners blended to meet your unique needs. All these vegan products are tested cruelty-free, and are free of the dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and similar contaminants found in other brands.

More Than Skin Deep

We believe you’ll find the beauty of Humphreys Toners to be much more than skin deep. They’ll serve to support your clean, clear complexion and help to restore and revive it as well. Wherever your day takes you, we think the fresh-faced feeling they provide will help you make your way through this wild world too.